Enquire: Three Ways an Integrated System Creates a Better Experience Through Patient Identification and Education

A demo by Kevin O’Connor
Vice President of Sales, Enquire

September 23, 2020, 05:00 PM

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About this demo

A key area of scrutiny across the hospice industry is length of stay. With hospice services designed to aid patients at the end of their lives, many statistics show some patients are utilizing hospice care for longer than it is designed, while many others who utilized hospice services for a short time could have benefited by starting care sooner.

Length of stay issues can be directly related to consumer education and awareness around hospice care and what it provides, and many agencies today are focused on elevating the experience for patients and their families by doing that education upfront. This demo of Enquire CRM will address the ways better systems can optimize, track and monitor referrals and the communication process that educates patients, families, case managers and other partners in the hospice care continuum. Specifically, this demo will be focused on three critical areas:

  1. Referral capture: time saved and outcomes improved. The timing of a hospice referral is critical. By identifying a possible need in advance of that need through claims data, hospice organizations can better serve their patients once hospice care becomes the best method of care.

  2. Collaboration and communication: tracking patients and partners. With automated workflows and content delivery, hospice agencies can use a CRM and marketing automation platform to communicate with prospects and their families so when hospice care is elected, the family, patient and case manager all have access to the same information. This communication is critical with the high-touch nature of hospice care — and is an effective method for improving HCAHPS scores.

  3. Education: improving the hospice experience. At the core of hospice success is education, and both upfront and ongoing education are critical to hospice care being delivered at the right time. With a CRM, hospice providers can stay connected with the primary patient and family, or can commence communication with a referral in real-time, as soon as the referral takes place.