A demo by Windy Adams and Greg VanOekel
Forcura and Forcura

September 23, 2020, 07:00 PM

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About this demo

When a patient requires hospice care, every second counts. Forcura optimizes your existing business processes to be faster, more accurate and compliant, and ultimately, more profitable through these product offerings:

Forcura Workflow, including Referral Automation with IQ. Manage and track all of your outstanding orders, referrals, labs, and other documents in one cloud-based platform.

Our HIPAA-secure mobile app for care team coordination. Capture clinical and administrative data and communicate securely between remote care teams and office staff. Sync all data to the EHR with a click.

Forcura Analytics helps you pinpoint inefficiencies so you can adjust training and team processes in near real-time. With auditable task histories and patient archives, the Forcura platform makes the information you need for your next internal review or audit readily available.